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How Automatic Helps With List Building Segmentation

Direct mail has long made it possible to choose exactly who you want to reach. You’ve been able to craft exactly the right message to get the best response from the recipients of your mail. And, it paid off with higher response rates, greater traffic to your business, and, best of all, additional revenues, new customers, new business.

Email lets you exponentially extend the benefits of direct mail.

Instead of always renting lists of people who "might" be interested or have "demonstrated an interest" in receiving your message, you can use every opportunity to direct people who are definitely interested to your Website where every call–to–action that is acted upon results in that person being added to your own list.that you own.that is made up of people who have already demonstrated some level of interest in what you have to offer.

List Segmentation Delivers the Results of Smart List Building

You can get up close and personal with your prospects, leads, customers/clients.

All that historical information your organization has accumulated on scraps of paper, notebooks, individual contact management systems can reside in one central database easily accessible and updated by marketing, sales, and customer service.

With data integration in place, you will be able to implement smart segmentation and targeted personalized messages into an email marketing program. What that means is that you will be confident that you are sending the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel.

The more information you have, the more targeted you can make your messaging. Since you own this list of interested parties who’ve opted in to receive email from you, you are able to build a relationship over time that allows you to keep going back to ask for more and more information over time.

So, you have a database that is constantly growing in size and information. Now, what can you do with it beyond the "Dear (Subscriber)"?

  • Deliver offers based on past purchases, geographic location, company size, etc..
  • Update account status information.
  • Populate email content based on stated interests.
  • Move individual subscribers to a less frequent email schedule.

List segmentation makes possible some of the highest ROIs possible today. Smart segmentation and personalization increases customer spend and retention, makes you look like a champion, results in enthusiastic referrals. These are all results we always want under the best conditions and especially appreciate in challenging economic times.

Developing a List Building & Segmentation System Can Seem Complicated.
We Make It Simple.

It does take planning and forethought to design a successful list building and segmentation system. The best require online marketing savvy and expertise, determining customized fields specifically suited to your company, and database marketing knowledge. You will be working with problem–solvers who communicate effectively and are willing to hold your hand providing recommendations and explaining the purpose of any recommended solutions.

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