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How Does Your Landing Page Measure Up?

What is a landing page?
Let’s say your direct mail advertising campaign (a postcard, brochure, catalog, newsletter or the like…) has just been sent to your mailing list database. On those promotions you’ve included a call-to-action to visit a specific page on your website. So, a landing page is a specific page (not necessarily the home page) that receives traffic due to any online or offline marketing effort. Your web visitors have arrived or landed to that page.

Now, that you have prospects on your web page, it’s all about persuading them to do something else. So think hard about what you want people to do on each landing page you create:

  • Read and learn more (yes, we know we’re always in a rush and hate reading… but I hope you read on)
  • Fill out a form (even if we all hate filling out forms… especially being asked for personal details cause we hate spam)
  • Buy something (but most online buyers do a lot of research before they buy to make sure they get a good deal)

Yes, there are challenges to overcoming a few objectionable tasks people hate doing.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Your landing page needs to address their issues.

They’ll arrive at your landing page and may wonder:

  • “Is this a trustworthy company?”
  • “Where’s the information that interests me?”
  • ”How much time is this going to take?”

Remember, when you shop you always think – “what’s in it for me?”

BONUS: Landing Page’s Effectiveness Checklist

  1. When prospects see your promotion, is it easy to recall and/or type the URL?

    Right: www.yourcompany.com
    Right: promo.yourcompany.com
    Right: www.yourcompany.com/promo
    Wrong: www.yourcompany.com/noone-can-remember-long-links.html

  2. How will you measure the success of your landing page?

    Was your marketing strategy about:
    • Increasing traffic?
    • Building your newsletter subscribers?
    • Fill out a survey or opinion poll?
    • Registrations on your site?
    • Spread the word about a new product?

    If you don’t define your conversion activity goal, you won’t be able to analyze how to improve your marketing.

  3. Make your questions relevant.

    Remember the Marketing Rule of Seven? The more exposure someone gets to your brand the more confidence they build about your product or services. So, initially, if your landing page asks prospects to answer questions know “Every question you ask lowers the form completion rates” according to Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook. You might be asking sensitive questions so make sure to communicate your privacy policy or what they should expect from answering your questions.

  4. Auto-populate Forms

    Make your forms smart so visitors can tab from field to field. If you’re asking for a zipcode, why make the city/state required?

    Get rid of the “Reset” button. There’s nothing more annoying than filling out a form and accidently pressing that button.

    If someone needs to register or sign-up for something, just grab their email address. Get the rest of their information at another time to increase conversions.

  5. From a landing page design perspective, make sure people can easily read your message. Here are a few landing page usability tips because prospect’s only request – Don’t Make Me Think:

    • Make sure text is a minimum of 10pt –12pt.
    • Black text on a white background is the easiest to read.
    • Keep text left justified (centering text takes more effort)
    • If there are graphics on page, add a caption (short description)
    • Use checkboxes versus radio buttons.
    • Uses headlines relevant to your visitor.
    • Get rid of any graphic elements that don’t support key benefits. It’s just plain distracting!
    • Got recommendations? Testimonials... your social proof... build credibility and trust.
    • Don’t forget your call–to–action buttons right above the virtual fold (the bottom of
      someone’s screen) and every scroll–and–a–half of screen space.
    • Place the most important content on the top of the page

  6. Stay Focused

    Do you want to leave an impression of consistency or instable flightiness? Make sure to compliment the creative of your landing page with the online or offline advertisement that got visitors to it. Avoid linking to other sections of your site that has nothing to do with your conversion goal.

  7. Test, Test, Test

Following the Landing Page Effectiveness Checklist above will be help you score higher conversion rates. Let Automatic help you design a landing page that compliments your online marketing and direct mail efforts.

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