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How To Segment Your List

Summary: If you are going to segment your direct mail or email mailing list, keep in mind that there are options for you to choose from. The two options you can choose from include using software or creating a squeeze page for every visitor that comes to your site.

Building an extensive list is extremely beneficial for you and your business. In today’s business climate where the customer is in control, segmenting your list/database for direct mail and email mailing is a priority.

So how exactly do begin segmenting your list?

Don’t worry that your in-house lists are not in order, not clean, in email address books or spreadsheets, incomplete, or just a few hundred or fewer contacts. When your data is imported into your password–protected account, the software does all the work, leaving you with a well-organized, clean list to build on and build from.

Your time is freed to focus on what is most important, running your business and building sales and revenues.

Probably the greatest benefit of direct mail is the ability to specify exactly whom you want your mail to reach. Automatic Mail has the benefit of 38 years experience to help you identify the perfect recipient.

Whether you are doing a printed direct mail marketing campaign or an email marketing campaign, Automatic Mail works closely with you to ensure the highest degree of success.

When your recipients respond to your offer by going to your Website, sophisticated tracking technology captures all the information, organizes it, and stores it in your easy-to-use, accessible master database. You’ll know exactly where the visitor came from, their preferences, their interests by the links they’ve clicked on.

Detailed reports immediately show where your sales are coming from, what is in your pipeline, and where you want to focus your energies.

Part of the equation for defining your targeted mailing list are special landing pages for visitors to your website. Adding “calls to action” for special offers that link a web form to each campaign landing page means you will be able identify each customer at the time of purchase as well as automatically adding them to your opt-in database.

Is this a lot of work? You bet! But, ongoing results in increased ROI are well worth the effort. And, with the Automatic-Mail professionals automagically putting everything in place, you can focus on what’s important ~ your business, your sales, your revenues.

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