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How Automatic's Campaign Reporting Improves Your Bottom Line

In the BI (Before Internet) years when you were solely dependent upon direct marketing that included mail campaigns, print advertisement, etc., the customers truly were calling all the shots since you had no way of knowing what, if anything, they did with your mail or whether they read your ads... unless they contacted you. And, you had to wait about three weeks to get any real indications of how successful the printed piece or ad might have been.

So, salespeople who already shy away from cold calling were further reluctant to call any of these "potential" leads, even when they had the phone numbers from the rented list.

AI (After Internet) offers a completely new landscape.

You can still rent lists that fit your particular ‘selects.’ Now you have a choice to send a print piece, an email, or a combination of both.

By driving contacts to specially designed campaign landing pages on your Website, you can begin to know exactly and immediately who is interested and why.

If they have received emails, you can know:

  • exactly when an email is opened or, not
  • if it bounces and why
  • if the recipient has clicked through and which link(s)
  • if the email has been forwarded and to whom, and, finally...
  • how many times any of these actions has taken place

The most active are automatically sorted into a "Hot Prospects" folder that can be immediately shared with your sales force or sent a more targeted follow–up email.

And, what if the email is showing as unopened?

Your sales people always have a reason to call and initiate a conversation, even if it is to just ask if you have the correct email address. They’ll never feel like any call is completely cold and that automatically translates to warmer calls from the beginning and a higher ROI for you!

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