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Automatic's Best Practices for Getting Your Emails Through

Just like so many other things, it used to be somewhat easy to send as many emails as you wanted from your email outbox through your ISP and be confident that they would be received into your contacts’ inboxes. Hey, it might take several hours to send a couple of thousand emails, but what could you expect with a 56K dial–up modem?

Today, it’s a whole new ballgame.

In an effort to stem the flood of spam, ISPs have set daily limits as low as 150 emails daily from any single sender. Even having your own servers is no solution. Without sophisticated applications, your emails going out to your list are perceived as "bulk" email by your recipients’ ISPs and get blocked, never reaching their intended destinations. One or two false spam complaints can get your email and Website shut down.

Even if you navigate that minefield of challenges, you will still be missing out on an important feature of tracking results:

  • Did they get your email?
  • Did they open it?
  • Did they click through?
  • Which links did they click through on?
  • Did they forward your email?
  • To whom did they forward it?
  • When did they open your email?

Using a sophisticated email marketing solution is like sending a certified, return-receipt letter to everyone in your database (for about a penny each). But, it’s even better, because you get much more information on each email.

Do you think your salespeople would be happy having an arsenal of information at their fingertips when they pick up the phone? Even if the email bounced or wasn’t opened, they still have that information as the basis for initiating a conversation.

On top of the price and the information, using a Web-based email marketing solution means anywhere–anytime accessibility, super security for your data, other people’s servers, other people’s IT support staff to ensure "always" availability and the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

All you have to do is hit the "Send" button and we take care of everything else!

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