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Why is Direct Mail Combined with Email a Good Thing?

Remember the Marketing Rule of Seven? Seven touches before you’re remembered? Reaching people at different touch points reinforces those touches and makes you, your company, and your offer more memorable and more desirable.

Direct mail has always offered the opportunity to put your message in a memorable design into people’s hands. From the mailroom to the executive suite, every marketing piece passes through multiple sets of hands, multiple levels of an organization. Even if the ultimate recipient might not be the right recipient, odds are strong that the "right" recipient will surely see it.

Direct mail can make a memorable impression.

Like the viral potential of a direct mail piece or printed brochure can be very good, the pass–along potential for a great email with a strong, targeted message can be enormous. How many times have you read about an email circling the globe several times in a matter of days? That is the power of email.

Combining printed pieces with email with co–coordinated Website landing pages gets people excited to know more, to recognize your company as one that really knows what it’s talking about, that understands its audience by reaching out across multiple media.

Bottom line?

More customers.

More sales.

More revenues.

Automatic Mail combines sophisticated email marketing technology with direct mail marketing selective targeting.

Automatic Mail’s decades of direct mail expertise combined is the solid foundation upon which we build integrated email marketing and a comprehensive multi–channel strategy tailored to your particular business.

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