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Automating Your Business

No matter what your company does, what your business is, what you do each day is probably not what you envisioned.

It is all too easy to spend your days caught up in the details that are part of keeping a company running instead of doing what you really want to do, what the company is in business to do. Getting bogged down in all the tasks that are part of operating a company many times keeps you from doing the very things that make a company successful.

Once your business is automated, it runs itself to a degree, allowing you to concentrate on developing new business, improving processes, new product development, or take a real vacation.

Creating a well-documented business operations manual not only helps you define your business, but also everything involved in building and running it, including newly hired employees. It is an extension of the business plan.

It also frees you to focus on business development, marketing, and sales, and the big picture.

The advent of technology over the last decade makes it possible to:

  • Automate much of your business development
  • Lead generation and scoring
  • Nurturing leads into prospects
  • Managing customer service
  • Building long-lasting customer relationships
  • And providing value beyond the products and services you sell

And that means you gain control, operate more efficiently, fatten that bottom line, and have time for some fun!

Because, at the end of the day isnít that what itís really all about?

  • Define your goals. By how much do you want to increase revenues over the next 12 months? Is your business seasonal? How will that affect sales on a quarterly, monthly, weekly basis?
  • Develop an editorial calendar of print and electronic newsletters, seasonal promotions, holiday messages, and customer appreciation notes for marketing and for sales.
  • Determine an annual marketing budget that is relevant to your companyís annual revenues.
  • Implement the tools, systems, and technology to execute your communication program. These include:

    – Working closely with your direct mail printing consultant to schedule print projects
       and drop dates;
    – Setting up your email marketing solution with designed templates;
    – Designating the person/s responsible for content;
    – Monitor campaign tracking and statistics and follow up while interest is high;
    – Nurture new leads and qualify them before passing them along to sales;
    – Follow up with sales to make sure they and those valuable leads and customers
       have everything they need to do business with your company.
    – Re-calculate the great new ROI thatís a result of all your well-invested efforts!



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